We serve the 4 R's: Rescue, Rehabilitate, Release, Rehome!

We are one of the only rescues in our area licensed to take in and rehabilitate most types of wildlife. We serve several counties spanning hundreds of miles, including Kerr, Bandera, Medina, Bexar, Kendall, Gillespie, Real, and Edwards counties.

Buck Wild Animal Rescue & Wildlife Rehab non-profit program is to provide a safe environment with individualized care and suitable habitats for all wildlife species requiring rehabilitation. We employ the highest quality husbandry techniques, including balanced diets, environmental enrichment, and minimal human contact to ensure integration back into nature is possible for all wildlife that comes through our doors

Established in 2016, Buck Wild Animal Rescue & Wildlife Rehab is a 501(c)(3) non-profit nestled in the scenic Texas Hill Country. We are located in Ingram, TX, just a short drive from Kerrville. Each year our organization takes in hundreds of surrendered, orphaned, sick, and injured animals and provides them with a safe habitat, and around the clock care. ​

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There are two sides to our facility, the domesticated side and the wildlife side.

The domesticated side which holds our surrendered pets and of course the wildlife side. We keep the two separated as to not imprint on our wildlife. ​​

Domestic Rescues

Our domesticated animals include many varieties of birds, pigs, bunnies, tortoises, fish, turtles, hedge hogs, sugar gliders, reptiles, and even kittens and puppies.​​ 

We want to give our domesticated pets lots of love and attention because they have lost their families for some reason or another and will be available for adoption after meeting certain qualifications.

Wildlife Rescues

The wildlife animal rescues consists of deer fawns, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, foxes, bobcats, ring tail cats, porcupines, wild hogs and anything else wild.

We don’t want to imprint on them because they are to be returned to the wild. We have to help wildlife with as little human contact as possible. They too have to meet a specific criterion before being released. We must keep maintained boundaries between the two sides.

We care and love each animal individually while providing them the most appropriate enclosures, habitat, diet, and medical care. We strive to meet the special needs of each animal.


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Our monthly organizational expenses total roughly $2500

All of our donations go directly to the animals, as we have NO paid employees. From our Founder, to our ‘Kennel Techs’, to our General Manager, we all do this purely out of love for our work. This ensures that your money is put to work where it’s needed most, serving the animals in need!


  • Feed & Supplements: $800
  • Veterinary Care & Medications: $800
  • Enclosure & Maintenance: $500
  • Medical, Sanitation, & General Supplies: $200
  • Fundraising & Office Expenses: $200

 Donate Today!

It is no secret that organizations such as ours cost money, and LOTS of it. As a 501(c)3 public charity non-profit, we are non-funded, meaning we rely 100% on donations from the general public and businesses to keep our doors open. Our donors make it possible to maintain our enclosures, expand our habitats, feed our animals, and provide the best veterinary care available.

What It Takes

What started off as a small family venture has grown into an organization that requires many members of the surrounding community daily to get all of the work done. When it comes to rescuing animals, there is no such thing as a vacation, and in all honesty, the work is never truly done.

For any of us to take a day off from our work would mean putting lives at stake. The animals depend on us for every need; food, water, shelter, medication, and veterinary care, until they are able to demonstrate self sufficiency and transition back to the wild.

To ensure all of these needs of each animal are met daily, we require 3 shifts of volunteers each day, often with a minimum of 2 people on each shift. Our volunteers make this mission possible. 

Volunteers go through rigorous training to be able to tend to the needs of so many different animal species of all ages, and all under varying circumstances. We require our volunteers to work on a weekly schedule with absolute commitment except in true emergency situations, because as we mentioned, the animals lives depend on it.

To ask so much of a person, for nothing in return except the experience is difficult to do. Yet we have a team of amazing, dedicated individuals who do it purely because they love our animals, and they see the reward in working tirelessly just for the possibility of giving an animal a second chance at life.